Going home soon....

Gillian was doing really well-taking her bottles well and her reflux under control. No more Apnic episodes and was continuing to gain weight. She was very alert and active. The nurses would take her for walks all over the NICU-I would go to visit and she would not be there so I would have to go hunt them down. It was funny actually. Gillian loved it-she has always been social (well, most of the time). Then on 12/14/02 we heard what we wanted to hear. If she gained weight that night she could go home. We were beyond excited. That night she did indeed gain weight! That sunday morning, 10 days before Christmas, we got to bring our baby home. As we were leaving, one of the nurses called over the loudspeaker in the NICU that Gillian was going home. We were met at the front desk by many nurses who took care of her during her stay. I bawled the whole time. As happy as I was to be finally taking her home, it was hard saying goodbye to the many friends we made. The nurses came to be like family to us and were such a huge support. She was 9lbs 14 oz upon discharge.
She had the following discharge diagnoses:
Hyperglycemia, resolved
HYpotension, resolved
Anemia status post multiple packed red blood cell transfusions
Hyperbilirubinemia, resolved
Osteopenia of Prematurity
Oral Thrush
Persistent Neutropenia
Retinopathy of Prematurity
Hearing Loss

And now onto another journey...............

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