First couple weeks home

After we arrived home we started having people come to the house. A home health care nurse came for several weeks to weigh her and go over things to make sure everything was going well. Although the Home Health nurse told us we really did not need her there, we felt such comfort having her check in on us. We also had Inland Regional Center come, as well as the supplier for Oxygen and the Apnea Monitor.

It was scary having her home. Just days later when she was being given a bottle, she stopped breathing and turned blue. I quickly turned up her oxygen and started pounding on her back to stimulate her to breathe. She did start breathing, thankfully. She did that one more time the week following. At that point we wanted to take her back!

Some weeks we had 3 doctor appointments, along with inland regional center coming to the house. It seemed overwhelming having to deal with it all. At the same time, we were still so glad to have her home. Gillian just kept improving and doing better all the time.

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