Ginormous Decision

I thought long and hard about this.....to homeschool or not to homeschool. sigh.
Gillian had a really hard year last year-she fell behind and totally shut down. She had
lots going on last school year. I don't think she handles the pressure well-they were moving
ahead so fast and with all the stuff going on with her absence seizures, etc it added to that stress. Honestly I can't imagine what all was going on in her little mind. Two of her teachers had mentioned that the school setting was not really appropriate for her situation (and recommended homeschooling her). She was overstimulated by the sounds, and everything else. Towards the end of the school year I really tried to get her more help but honestly, I was not happy. It should have been more. I think of how they are going to move her ahead when she is behind, and how its all going to be over her head. That would add to the pressure and have her shut down yet again. I thought about fighting to get her a one on one aide, but that would involve threatening law suits , etc. I am not into nastiness. I would if I had to, of course, but I would rather put that energy towards something else. They mentioned if Gilly did not finish her school work that they would tell her she would have to go to detention. When they sent her to detention in first grade it was NOT good-she really freaked out. Because she did not do what they wanted her to do, they went out on the playground the next day and made her serve detention again! That was just plain wrong.
The school called me almost every day about something. Even though it is summer, I am still tired just thinking about how often they called and for every little thing. After doing a little bit research just to explore options, and thinking of how I can space out her schooling during the whole day and when it was right for her, it just really sounded perfect. So I dug a little deeper, making calls to people I know who homeschool. It just kept sounding better. So after much thought, I decided to take a leap. I have sent off enrollment apps to 2 different charter schools. Both sound very good. I figure, whichever one gets her through first I will take, just as long as it is in time for school to start. I am adamant now about not sending her back to the classical school setting. We are going to have fun playing educational games-and hands on activities. She learns better through visual and hands on. I have talked to her about this and she seems content with it. One thing I was concerned about was getting her socialized. Both charter schools I have sent apps to have classes that will involve other kids in the same age group that meet on a weekly basis. I also joined a moms club in this area that also has stuff they do regularly-and it happens that there are a couple of Gillian's friends from school go to those activities.
I have a friend who is going to babysit for me so that I can get some "me" time regularly as well. It seems it will all work out just fine. I know in the beginning it will be a challenge-I have been warned. Getting in a routine and being disciplined is going to take some effort! From what I have read, kids with issues like Gillian has do much better being homeschooled. Fingers crossed that all goes well.


Glasses revisited

So I took Gillian for her regular eye exam-we have been taking her about every 6 months. But with all the issues she has had the past few months, we were a little late in getting her in. No worries! I honestly went in thinking she would have 20/20 again, like the last 3 times. I was in for a surprise! Her vision for distance has gotten a little worse. So the doctor wrote her a prescription for a new pair of glasses. She said it is VERY mild, and this will be a trial to see how she does with them. We see the doctor again in a few months. I was so hoping for 20/20, like I mentioned. But, I am SO happy its not for close up stuff! She picked out some cute copper-framed glasses. I hope she will wear them like she is supposed to.

Here she is pictured with a pair of the funky glasses they had on her during her eye exam! LOL!
Since it has been a while, I will update on something else.
When Gillian was 4. she was given the Autism dx. Although the educators and some other folk insist she does NOT have autism, her neurologist insists she DOES (as mentioned in a previous post). I have read lots about Aspergers lately (another subject revisited since her hospital stay in May) and its her to a "T". We see the neurologist in a couple weeks and I will be taking my checklist with me as proof. I am looking forward to meeting with the doctor . I am sure she will fully agree with me. I want them to put it in writing also, as it may enable us to get her more help at the school. I will do whatever I can.
Although initially in May when I heard the "A" word again, I took it hard. But as I search for more information I feel at peace with it. I am grateful its not worse. She is who she is. I also realize if she did not have all these issues she would NOT be who she is. Its a blessing and a curse at the same time!!LOL!!!!!