4th Month in the NICU

There was now some talk about taking her home. That was music to our ears. It had been such a long journey. We began our "discharge teaching" to prepare to bring her home. Then we had yet another setback. ugh. We went to visit her one night and the nurse had been giving her a bottle. Gillian had been burped a couple times then began choking and it looked like she was going to throw up. They had to really stimulate her to get her sats back up. They almost had to code her. It was a scary moment. I am honestly glad we were not there to see all that. The Nurse practitioner then told me that she would be able to go home as long as we didn't use her for the Thanksgiving Turkey (haha-she was REALLY fat).

Another setback. Gillian began having episodes of Apnea. They believed it was due to reflux as it happened at feeding time. She would require vigorous stimulation to get her breathing again. They did a sleep study to pinpoint exactly what caused the Apnic episodes. They began her on a couple of Reflux medications that seemed to help. They did a PH Probe to determine how bad her reflux was. Test results showed it was mild to moderate.

She would not pass her hearing tests-she had 2 different ones. So onto another test. sigh. The BAER hearing test showed some hearing loss. We were to follow up in 6 months.

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