Entering Preschool

It was exciting at the prospect of Gillian turning 3 and being able to attend preschool. It was also bittersweet, having to let her go and be away for a few hours each day. We thought it would be smooth sailing there on out.

So we get to the first day of preschool. As soon as we walked in the door and saw the other kids and she began walking around the room playing, I saw a difference. I saw a difference between her and the other kids. She acted more immature than the others. She was smaller than the others. She had a hard time. She could not sit still. I knew something was wrong. We also could tell her speech was largely delayed compared to what it should have been. So that same week I got in contact with the school's speech therapist. They did an IEP and got her set up for speech.

It helped, but there was still issues I could not quite put my finger on. The school district psychologist said she wondered why she was ever discharged from Inland Regional Center.

When they discharged her at 2 1/2, she was still a teeny bit delayed, but nothing big. When she hit age 3, it put her in another bracket, and so she showed severely delayed. We thought once she got some speech in and matured she would be fine-no worries. It was tiring and stressful-and she ran around like mad. She never stopped. At that point I thought she would be too young to medicate if she had ADHD or anything, so we never sought anything for that. So we dealt with it as best as we could, tiredness and all.

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