Age Two-first steps

Gillian finally began walking at age 2. We thought it would never come! We were getting worried. She does everything on her own time. It may take forever but it always happens.

At her Opthamology appointment, Her eyesight had improved! Doctor said that NEVER happens to these small preemies. So, onto glasses #2. Not that she wore her first pair much-couldn't get her to keep them on. That made it even more amazing that her eyesight had improved.
We were trying to get her to eat more solids-like little finger foods, and to drink from a sippy cup. She had "oral aversion" so it made it a challenge. We just kept at it. She finally was able to drink out of the sippy cup after much effort.

She still had her caseworker from Inland Regional Center coming and working on her developmental goals. She kept progressing then she was pretty much caught up. At just over 2 1/2 years old, she was exited from the program. We were told we could put her in preschool and all would be well. Little did we know what was ahead.

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