The kids and I went bowling yesterday-something Gilly has not done before. I am amazed she was SO into it. She did great! They were able to put the bumpers up for her-she was so excited she could barely wait for her turn. I think this will become a regular activity for us :)

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  1. Dear Kristy,
    I would say I am a deeply religious person. But, I do believe we are not given any trials that we cannot handle. I have read your entire blog. You are amazing and so is your family. I think your daughter is beautiful from my point of view. As she grows I am sure you will discover some wonderful talents Gilly has . Thank goodness you have your art for you and her. It is very theraputic. Sadly, I can't say what it is like raising children I never had any. But I would hope I would be as good a Mom as you.